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       How to design your CUSTOM DRAGON SKIN

  1. The best way is to download the Template for your type boat           and use any graphic program like photoshop or whatever you         are proficient  in using ,and email the completed file back.                Please retain the dimensions  of the original file, you may               send back a tiff, jpg, png, gif, psd, pdf, svg, eps, exr, HDR.


  2. If you do not have access to do the above you may                        download the template and print it out on a 8 1/2 x11

      sheet of paper and color it in like a coloring book page

       Then, photograph the picture or scan it, and  email it back          to me with as much of a description of what you expect it         to look like.


  3. Please understand that #2 option will take much longer for         me to create, and I urge your patience. I can not promise            deadlines, but it will get done as soon as possible.


      Each Custom Dragon Skin is created individually                        and printed once you approve the design, and completed          payment

      All of the Skins that are currently displayed in the store are       only printed after purchase , I do not stock any inventory.  

        Please email me if you have any questions



Template for designing your custom DF65 Graphic


Template for designing your custom DF95 Graphic


I'm ready to pay for my Custom Dragon Skin